Past Events

Saturday 4th November 2017

Dear Member

The club will be hosting a T-bone Steak , Chips  & Salad Lunch this coming Saturday 4th November 2017.

Lunch will be served @ 13h00.

The cost per person is : R50

We look forward to your full support and attendance.

We would like to urge our members to come down early for Saturday Social Tennis @ 10h30am.
Its summerg time now, so lets start getting the the ball rolling 🙂

Kind Regards


WPTC Committee


Saturday 28th October

Dear Member

We would like to invite you to join us for our 1st Welties Potjie.

We will be serving a Beef & Chicken Potjie.
Resident Welties Master Chefs will be at work :  Srdjan , Andre , Justin.
Chocolate Cake will be served post the Lunch;
  • Date: Saturday 28th October
  • Time: 13h00
  • Cost: R40 per person

We look forward to hosting you and your family and encourage you to please join us for Lunch , Tennis and a fun filled social day.

Social Tennis:
Please be advised that Social Tennis will start @ 10h30am on Saturday 28th October – Please come down early 🙂

Kind Regards

WPTC Committee

Sat 12 Aug 2017



Sat 29 Jul 2017

Great Brunch – thank you all
Good day,
WPTC Brunch & Tea Invite attached:

The club will be hosting its 1st Skottle Breakfast of the year this Saturday 29th July 2017.

Please join us this coming Saturday for a tasty Brunch & Tea –  10h30 for 11h00.

A delicious , scrumptious Skottle Breakfast will be served by our resident naked chefs ,
Ambrose , Andre , Alroy ….

Bring the family down to support.

Please note that we will cater accordingly and will work on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

The cost person for the English Breakfast is R30.


Time: 10h30am for 11h00am


Social tennis will resume post the Breakfast on the available courts after champs.
See you Saturday 😉

Kind Regards

22 July 2017 Saturday

Club doubles championship 2017 start.

Both ladies and gentlemen doubles club championship competition will be on the way.

01 July 2017 Saturday

Music Day @ Welties Tennis Club

Come join us for a day of tennis and music. With braai, live music performed by our own Brian and Wayne.


Previous posts

Fancy yourself with Serena Williams or Izak van der Merwe’s tennis techniques? Weltevreden Park Tennis Club is taking things a notch up by uplifting their players. The club held their internal championships which saw club members advancing their tennis skills while enjoying the pleasures of being cheered by their family and friends on 30 August.

Following the appointments of new chairman Yusuf Coovadia and vice chairman of the club Tim Cross– who are visibly proud of their appointments – the club looks to entice tennis lovers. “The internal championships are unbelievable,” said Coovadia. “This is for members to evaluate if they have improved their standards and to also compete against different players of different standards.” The internal championships created a huge thrill for families and friends.

“Our core focus is to develop tennis within the area, and create a warm friendly environment for its members and for the community,” informed Coovadia. With much passion and enthusiasm from the pair, the community looks to be uplifted with sportsmanship.

“We are attempting to attract families and to get the kids out from behind their PlayStation, X-box and tablets to enjoy fresh air and partake in some exercise, something that is sorely lacking among children today,” shared Cross. For every existing or new members, the club offers tennis clinic for their children on Saturdays.

“We have created a Saturday development clinic for kids, parents who are members are allowed to bring their kids and immediate family members to a tennis development clinic.”

Cross profusely added that this initiative increases sportsmanship and urges youngsters to exercise and to learn tennis skills.

06 September 2014

The club is launching a new fully functional Tennis Academy with a few development programs that suits all age groups. So bring them hopping along, you know the earlier you get them started the better. See Coaches page for more detail.

08 September 2014

The coach heads up an Advanced Training Program for the guys you either want to ‘get back to basics’ or really want to ‘step up’ their game. The program will run for six weeks and only 4 spots are available.

September 2014

As we see the Doubles Club Championships drawing to a close we can’t help but reminisce over the wonderful shot making and overall good tennis that transpired over the last month.

04 October 2014

The club is looking forward to their impending tennis Open Day, which will see individuals show case their A-game into the sport. The club extends an invitation to members of the community to join them and get the feel and enjoyment the game offers as well as the atmosphere of club.




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